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🎁🍌LAST CHANCE to get a box of fruit before Christmas!! 🎄

It's the most wonderful time...

To order a box of fruit for someone you love! We will be shipping variety boxes and seasonal fruit orders this Tuesday December 19th. Boxes are guaranteed by FedEx to arrive in three days or less. If you celebrate Christmas or Kwanzaa these would make the perfect gift for a fruit lover. Fruit also makes great late Chanukah gifts ;)

If you don't celebrate holidays then just go ahead and treat yourself because everyone deserves a little self-care around this time of the year.

We won't be shipping the Tuesday after Christmas (December 26th)

These rich, creamy nam wah bananas are a smoothie staple for us. Get yourself a box of these to take your nice creams to another level!

Grenada Soursop vs Miami Soursop 
There are a few differences and similarities between the fruits that you may be curious about. First let’s break down the differences. 
Grenada Soursop
 -grown in Grenada
-grown in abundance
-has been growing for hundreds of years
-flown into Miami
-handled by more people (thus the spines usually fall off before it gets to you)
•Miami Soursop
-grown in Miami
-extremely limited
-started fruiting a couple years ago
-picked by us
-usually still has spines and looks nicer
•Now here’s the similarities- they are both the same variety of Soursop also known as Guanabana. They are both grown sustainably. Neither are certified organic by the USDA. Both have anti-cancer benefits. Both taste sour, sweet, and soppy. Both need to be completely soft before eating. Both cannot be refridgerated until ripe. Both need to have consistently high temperatures to fruit.
Yellow Dragonfruit! So sweet and fun to eat, but try to eat one at a time. This fruit will turn your digestion into a Ferrari. Take it slow and savor each bite. One of the beauties of this fruit is that it has a long shelf life. If you put it in the fridge it will stay good for up to a month!
Here's a picture of last week's egg fruit harvest. The little trees next to this box are baby egg fruit trees that sprouted from the seeds of fallen egg fruits from last year. How cool is that? All of our seeds are viable. If you'd like to purchase seeds from us, just order a box of fruit and plant the seeds from inside the fruit. We don't normally ship seeds because they don't last long once they are outside of the fruit. They need to be planted ASAP.
The healthiest chocolate in the planet is the chocolate that requires the least amount of processing. Or skip the processing altogether and just eat the cacao fruit and beans. This week we had 5 different varieties sent to us from our favorite fruit farmer in Grenada.
Speaking of chocolate.. who decided to name black sapote chocolate pudding fruit? hehe We get it, it does look chocolatey. However, it is not in the same family as cacao, therefore it really doesn't taste like chocolate. Try blending some cacao fruit and dates with black sapote to make chocolate pudding. On a side note, I have been absolutely loving eating this fruit straight up with a spoon. When you let it truly ripen to its optimal sweetness, it will be slightly sweet and super rich. The trick is to not check it every day, try to forget about it until it looks like maybe its getting a little too ripe. It should be super soft and squishy all around the fruit from crown to bottom. 
Speaking of rich fruits, we picked some avocados last week. We are expecting to pick more next week, but the avocado crops have been more scarce than usual since the hurricane.
Last night we had a little durian feast at the fruitcave. This specific durian pictures was one that we waited until it cracked open by itself. It had an interesting sweet flavor and creamy texture. We must admit we are not the biggest durian experts so we are not quite sure how this fresh durian rates compared to tree ripened Malaysian durian, but we are hoping that as fresh durian continues to be imported into the United States, the quality will continue to improve. We noticed a huge improvement in overall texture compared to our first shipment of fresh durian in the summer. You are welcome to place a pre-order for fresh durian.

We are expecting another shipment in the next few weeks.

John Kohler from OKRAW/growingyourgreens stopped by this week to hang out, pick up some fruit, and eat this amazing sprouted coconut
Forget about ornaments this year, hang some passionfruit on your christmas tree and celebrate the new year with a jumpstart on your health. When you put the best food on the planet in your body, your cells will sing with vitality. Invest in yourself and family now so that later on in life you don't have to worry about medical bills. Let this fruit be your colorful medicine and live a sweet life.