| Edelle Schlegel

ūüö®WARNING: This might make you hungry + Harvest Update ūüĆą

The perfect avocado is all a matter of perspective, but it does help if they look and taste nice. ;) Our creamy, decadent, lower fat avocados are packed with flavor!

These large multi colored varieties of passionfruit are sour with a hint of sweet. It’s perfect eaten with sweet fruit or added to a smoothie for extra crunch and flavor. Best eaten when the outer shell is wrinkly. The hurricane knocked most of the flowers and fruits off the vine so these are very limited right now, make sure to get your pre-order in soon!

Step aside cavendish, there’s a new banana in town! It’s called Nam Wah and it has a smooth, creamy, and silky texture which is perfect for eating on its own or adding to smoothies and nice creams.

Black sapote is still in season, and will be for Christmas time. We hand pick each fruit off the tree the day before we ship them, so they're super fresh. Allow for a week or two to ripen and make sure its nice and squishy to ensure you're tasting maximum flavor.

Beautiful, delicious, sweet, and nutritious yellow dragonfruit.

We have been enjoying cacao blended into our smoothies for a little morning energy boost. It also adds a nice chocolate flavor!
Sprouted coconut is one of our favorite fruits to end the day. Just one of these fruits is super filling considering it is so fluffy and light.