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🎉Start the New Year on the Right Fruit ✅🍌🚫🍷

Who says you can't have a beach bod in the winter? Feed yourself with the highest quality fruit this 2018 as you work towards becoming the best version of yourself.

Say hello to the only chocolate you don't have to give up for your New Years resolutions. It's Cacao! You can suck on the flesh and chew the seeds for a boost of energy. You can also dehydrate or roast the beans to save them for later.

On the go? Try our freeze dried cacao! It's the healthiest and least processed form of raw chocolate other than the actual fruit! It's like a candy coated chocolate bar!
If you are looking for something dense, creamy, and filling, look no further! Black sapote will fulfill your cravings for something satisfying. Plus, they are high in minerals such as potassium, phosphorous, and iron!
Passionfruit adds a sweet and sour twist to any smoothie bowl. You can also put it on top of your favorite sweet fruits like mango, banana, or papaya!

These yellow dragonfruits in the picture are a few weeks old and they still look amazing! We love how long this fruit lasts after its picked. You can store them in the fridge for an entire month!

We have sprouted coconuts ready to ship this Tuesday! Try this surprisingly filling, savory treat!
This durian shipment was our best so far. We feasted on some really amazing creamy ones. We are expecting our next shipment of fresh durian in a couple of weeks, so make sure to get your pre-orders in asap.

Check out our new and improved ripening guide featuring ALL of our fruits and how to eat them!