| Edelle Schlegel

ūüćÖIt's¬†Tropical Persimmon¬†Season!ūüćÖ

Fall is here in Miami!ūüćā

Miami Fruit is exited to announce our persimmons are in full fruiting this October. This is a very special variety that only grows on one farm that we know of in Miami. This persimmon MUST be eaten when it is completely soft. They will initially turn soft but the longer you can wait to eat these, the better they will taste. It should look like it is about to burst before you bite it. It is completely seedless, which means you can eat the entire fruit besides the top leafy part. It is amazing blended or on top of some banana ice cream.

Our friend Craig, also known as floridafruitgeek on instagram, posted the picture above of a delicious, frozen florida-grown persimmon of a similar variety. Freezing persimmons is a quick and easy way to save them for later.

We are so exited about these persimmons that we are making them as affordable as we can for our customers. They are $60 a box, and we will make sure to pack it as full as possible. These persimmons won't be in season for long, so if you don't want to miss out, order now!