| Edelle Schlegel

January Harvest Update + What's in Season ūüćĆ

We're Back! 
It's full blown fruit season here, and we have a lot of amazing fruits coming in right now.

This week we harvested some delicious sweetheart bananas. They are a must-have for any banana lover, and they make a sweet, creamy addition to smoothies. 

We also harvested some cuban red bananas! These beautiful babies went to one lucky pre-order customer.
Gamboge is starting to trickle in! We only harvested a handful this week, but we should have a large harvest in February. 

Sapodilla is a customer favorite! So sweet and juicy. It has a similar texture to ripe pears, but tastes like brown sugar!

Our caribbean papaya is still going strong! We have a lot of these left on the trees, but with the cold-ish weather coming in, they are taking a little while to ripen up. Still, now would be a very good time to order a box if you've been thinking about it!

The jaboticaba is really taking off right now! There is a lot on the trees, but they don't last for long. This fruit is a favorite among many of our Brazilian customers. 
If you don't want to miss out on jaboticaba, we strongly recommend ordering this week!

Blue grape is a relative to jaboticaba! We were able to harvest only a couple pounds this week. Sometimes fruits have multiple seasons here because the weather stays consistently warm year-round!

Black sapote is in full bloom! We recommend ordering a box soon to ensure you get a box before the season ends. We should have a few more weeks left.

ALSO! Black sapote has been approved by the California AG department, so if you live in California, you can get this fruit!

Along with black sapote, egg fruit is at the peak of the season. If you want to try some delicious cake-like fruit, order soon! Egg fruit sometimes has another season in the summer, but not always!

We still have an abundance of passionfruit, but again, it is starting to slow down in production, so order now!

Curious about what to look forward to? Meet star apple! This fruit is just starting to come in. It is super sweet and hydrating almost jam-like in texture.

This picture of mamey sapote is from one of our long-time customers, she has been raw vegan for 6 years and says that our fruits help her stay raw. We are so thrilled to send her tropical fruits all the way to New York!

Rane and I have been loving avocados lately. This cute pointy avocado is delicious, and we have been harvesting quite a few different varieties! Now is a good time to order an avocado box if you've been thinking about it.

I just had to include this because I was very impressed with Rane's packing skills for one of our customers that ordered a lot of fruit, look how nicely he packed this giant box! We are so exited for the lucky customer that gets this box of deliciousness!

This picture is from Rane's physical therapist. She blended MiamiFruit egg fruit and bananas with some almond milk! Looks delicious.