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ūüíöDiscount Codes GALORE‚ú®¬†+ Harvest Update of the week! ūüĆą

Grenada soursop is in full season. Buy 3 boxes, get the 4th box free! Make sure to put 4 soursop boxes in your cart, then use the code: SOURSOP at the checkout for the 4th box free discount to apply.

Speaking of discounts, we also have a new cacao discount! Get 20% off a box of cacao when you use the code: CACAO.

The last discount is one that you may have already heard of, but don't miss out on another chance to take 10% off black sapote when you use the code: BLACKSAPOTE. This fruit won't be in season much longer, so don't wait!

Sprouted coconut tastes even better after a hard day at work. We're still enjoying this amazing fruit as an evening treat, and the best part is that it's available year-round!

Sapodilla is in season right now, but we are in very limited supply  because of Hurricane Irma. Some of the sapodilla still need time to ripen. We will send out pre orders as soon as we harvest more. Please be patient, it will be worth the wait. :)

Try Yellow Dragonfruit sorbet! Simply freeze yellow dragonfruit whole for 24 hours, remove from freezer, rinse under warm water for 30 seconds, cut in half, and enjoy with a spoon! You can watch how we made this on our insta story for the next 24 hours big thanks to @biohackerbabe on instagram for teaching us how to make and enjoy dragonfruit in a totally awesome new way! Its the sweetest and healthiest sorbet on the planet!
Gamboge a sour member of the garcinia family now in season. This is a must try fruit for rare fruit enthusiasts!