Wild Harvested Deep Water Sea Moss

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Important Info: Because our natural Sea Moss is grown in the Caribbean ocean, there may be natural particles such as ocean salt, seaweed, and other ocean particles in the mix. Simply wash and rinse your Sea Moss to remove any natural particles before making sea moss gels or smoothies. It may also smell like the ocean because sea moss comes from the ocean. This smell is natural for Sea Moss in its raw, and uncooked form.

Origin: This "Deep Water" Sea moss is a different variety than our Gold or Purple Sea moss. It grips tightly onto deep sea rocks with its many "tentacles" also known as fronds or blades. Because it grows in deep water, it receives less sunlight which makes it take longer to grow. This means that it may contain more minerals than other shallower water varieties. All three algae that we sell are classified in the Red Algae category.

Flavor Profile: Deep Water Sea moss is best characterized by its hard dry texture and lots of small/thin blades or fronds branching off each stripe or stem. Because it dries so well, it holds onto much less salt than our other varieties which may be a more desirable quality for some depending on your preference.

How To Consume: We recommend that you rinse and soak for 24 hours before using.