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Every coconut contains a layer of meat, around a pint of water, and a tiny seed the size of a pearl. After almost 6 months in the tree, the coconut will drop to the ground. After a few more months, the seed fills the coconut and starts consuming the meat. The meat becomes a thin crispy layer. This creates a big spongy mass that can have a flavor profile ranging from sweet and juicy to salty and savory. The texture is akin to cotton candy or sponge cake.

Usually, the most flavor can be found in the outer skin of the embryo (shown in pictures).

In the hawaiian islands, only the Alii (the kings) were allowed to eat it, and they would share the mana (energy) with hundreds of people. It is a very filling and satisfying food.

We recommend opening the coconut with a machete or cleaver

A Taste Tester contains 2 Sprouted Coconuts

Small Box contains 4 Sprouted Coconuts

Large Box 8-10 Sprouted Coconuts

Extra Large Box 16-22 Sprouted Coconuts

- 1 Sprouted coconut  contains 1 piece of fruit per box

*amount ranges slightly because of varying shapes and sizes*