Fruit Candy Box *LIMITED*

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Get ready to indulge in our Limited Edition Fruit Candy Box!

This sweet treat is packed with five freeze-dried fruit packs that our team just can't get enough of. And to top it off, we've included a jar of our delicious Jaboticaba jelly. It's the perfect way to satisfy your cravings and treat yourself to something special. 

Our Fruit Candy Box Contains:
- 1 Freeze Dried Variety Pack
-1 Freeze Dried Cacao Pack
-1 Freeze Dried Banana Pack
-1 Freeze Dried Yellow Dragonfruit Pack
-1 Freeze Dried Miracle Berry Cube Pack
-1 Jar of Jaboticaba Jelly

How To Eat Freeze Dried Fruit: Ready to eat as is! A fun game to play is to guess what fruit I'm eating. A huge benefit to having freeze-dried fruit is not only the amazing crunchy light texture but also the fact that it will last for many years, which means you can enjoy your favorite Miami Fruits year round!

How To Eat Jaboticaba Jelly: Spread on toast, crackers, or whatever your heart desires!

Tip: The Fruit Candy Box makes an excellent gift! Order ahead of time or send directly to a friend or loved one without worrying about perishability.