26" KAPOK Hand Carved Artisan Bowl

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THE STORY: These gorgeous and special wood bowls are made from reclaimed rare trees here in South Florida. Hurricanes and storms in this area can often bring devastation to our homes, farms, and communities. Ray helps bring some light back into the memory of these often trying times by sourcing the wood used for each bowl from damaged and fallen trees, and shaping them into beautiful wooden works of art.

THE ARTIST: Ray is an artisan woodcarver who creates these wonders in his backyard. Each bowl takes 10-20 hours of patient work, as they are carved entirely by hand. He allows intuition to guide him as each unique piece slowly reveals the flow and shape that the bowl will take. 

CARING FOR YOUR BOWL: When you receive your bowl, it may be dusty due to transit and packing materials. We recommend gently hand washing your bowl before use with soap and water, followed by a light coat of your favorite food safe oil (Olive oil works great). Be sure to apply oil to your bowl regularly, as this practice not only aids in the longevity of your bowl but also brings out the life and colors in the wood.