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Why should I order from Miami Fruit?

Because we are the best ;)
We LOVE Fruit, and we eat so much of it that we have to set the standard for highest quality.

South Florida and Hawaii farmers grow the highest quality tropical fruits in the United States. Only South Florida farmers are able to ship fresh fruit to most places on the mainland. 

Can I return fruit?

For health and safety reasons, we do not accept returns.

I don't like the fruit, can I get a refund?

In short, no. but please thoroughly read our refund policy.

What if my box is late or damaged?

Do you give refunds on damaged fruit?

In the case of damaged fruit we do our best to remedy the situation.

Occasionally our boxes are poorly handled in transit and we then have to assess the cause and extent of the damages.

We CANNOT guarantee a refund, but if you take pictures of the fruit and send it to miamifruitsales@gmail.com the same day you receive your box, we can evaluate the damages and work towards a solution.


When do you ship fruit? 

Every Monday, just hours after harvest.

How much do the boxes weigh?

The weight varies depending on the size of fruit. We pack boxes as full as we can. Our Standard Boxes usually fit 13-20 lbs of fruit. 

Why is my favorite fruit sold out?

Your favorite fruit may either be high in demand, or out of season, please bookmark us and keep checking back, we update our inventory every week.