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Where our soursop (guanabana) comes from šŸ’š

SoursopĀ aka Guanabana.Ā A tropical fruit loved by many all over the world. This fruit is growing in popularity in the US as the health benefits become more well known.Ā 
In addition to growing some soursop in South Florida, we've been importing this fruit from GrenadaĀ for a few years now and decided it is finally time to check out the place where it grows and meet the amazing people that make this fruit available for us.

GrenadaĀ is a Caribbean island located pretty close to South America. Known for it's breathtaking scenery, high quality tropical fruit, and beautiful beaches. This place is perfect for soursop to grow and thrive.

Soursop loves growing near the water. We know of a few soursop trees located aroundĀ South Florida, and the ones closer to the water always fruit the most. Grenada is completely surrounded by water, making it an ideal climate for soursop to grow.

ThisĀ beautiful fruit farm overlooked the ocean.

Mammee appleĀ also grows in abundance in Grenada.

Ā You can tell this soursopĀ was very close to tree ripened because the flesh is so thick around the seeds that you can barely see them!

One of the coolest parts of our trip was meeting the farmers that brought the soursop to the packing house and learning more about how they pick and sort the best ones.

There are certain indicators that make a soursop "premium" and we communicate directly with our supplier toĀ make sure we get the closest to tree ripened fruit as possible. In order to be able to send the best fruit, we ship overnight to make sure it arrives in time before ripening completely.

High quality fruit like this comes from people that care. NotĀ only do theyĀ know a ton about soursop, they also love it, just like us.

Before they are shipped to the US, each soursop is carefully washed with a high powered water gun to ensure that no tropical pests are being transferred across countries.

After drying on a table, only the best fruit is packed in large boxes.

Soursop boxes on their way to the airport!

Thanks to farmers in Grenada, hundreds of pounds of soursop makeĀ their way to America and onto your doorstep every week.


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