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🌈What's in Season + Harvest Update💗

Tropical Persimmons Season is HERE and there are plenty left on the trees + Get Soursop shipped this week + Watch an amazing video of this week's fall harvest!

It's full on Tropical Persimmon season here, and there are plenty left on the trees. Make sure to wait until they get soft enough to burst easily. They taste like a sweet cinnamon pumpkin spice flavored tomato. 

We harvested plenty of sugar apple this week, but they will go out of season soon. According to our friends at Woodstock, they taste like mint chocolate chip ice cream!

This could be the last week that we have monstera delicisiosa. Availability is limited so get your order in as soon as possible. This is a must try rare fruit for fruit enthusiasts.

We're in love with the sprouted coconut! They grow year round here in South Florida. Coconuts drop from coconut palms and after a few months in the right conditions, they begin to sprout! The inside tastes like a buttery cotton candy.

Rambutan are still coming in strong. You can expect to find a few of these in your variety box from this week and most likely next week too.

Mamey sapote took a hit in the hurricane. We are still harvesting this amazing fruit, but in smaller quantities now. It takes about a year and a half for the flower to mature into a fruit. You can still order mamey, and find it in the variety boxes this week, but we are unsure how much longer we will have this fruit.
We harvested enough avocados to fulfill avocado orders this week and include one or two in most of the variety boxes. The variety has been a little less diverse since the hurricane but we still have a couple late varieties that hung on.
Soursop has only recently within the last few years been able to grow here in Miami. All of the Miami grown soursop that we pick is grown extremely small scale on only a few trees which means production is very low. We teamed up with a soursop farmer in Grenada where it grows abundantly to get you more soursop. Grenada is a small island in the Caribbean. If you are interested in Granada grown soursop delivered to your door next week, order ASAP. Make sure to click the Grenada soursop option instead of the Miami Grown option.