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The miracle citrus box is back! ūüß°ūü§ó

Who's up for a fun and delicious Miracle Berry fruit-tasting party?!

The power of miracle fruit cubes is truly remarkable - they have the ability to turn sour into sweet, mask unpleasant metallic flavors, and diminish bitterness, all while highlighting the natural and delicious flavors of food.

The cubes are made of 100% Florida-grown miracle fruit blended and poured into silicone cube molds, then freeze-dried.

Try the Miracle Citrus Box which contains a variety of in season citrus such as:

-blood oranges

-pink lemons


-key limes

-caviar limes

+ 1 package of miracle berry cubes


The blood oranges, key limes, caviar limes, and kumquats are ready to eat as soon as they are picked and can be consumed as soon as you receive them. 

The pink lemons will be ripe when the outer rind turns completely yellow.

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Variety Box

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