| IsaBella Frocione

Purple Passionfruit Season Has Returned ūüíú‚ú®

Guess what? Purple Passionfruit season is back!

This little fruit packs a punch with its juicy pulp and crunchy seeds. While it's mostly sour, it has a hint of sweetness that makes it oh-so delicious.

Transform ordinary into extraordinary by adding passionfruit to your favorite bowl of sweet fruit, juice, or smoothie. Elevate your taste buds to new heights and indulge in the sweet, tangy flavors of this magical fruit. For an extra special treat, top your banana ice cream with passionfruit and experience the true essence of divine delight.


       Passionfruit Fun Facts:

  • This world is blessed with over two hundred species of Passiflora, each of which holds the potential to nourish and delight those who partake in their bounty.

  • Some other names for passionfruit are¬†maracuya (Spanish), grenadille (French), maracuj√° (Portuguese), and, of course, lilikoi (Hawaiian).

  • Botanically speaking, passionfruit is a berry.¬†

  • Passionfruit can help you get the restful sleep you deserve by providing high levels of iron and potassium, two essential minerals for a healthy sleep cycle.

  • Passionfruit is a wonderful source of Vitamin C that can help your body absorb iron efficiently.


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