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😍Lychee Season is ALMOST here! + What to expect💕

It's that time of year again.. when all the little green balls turn red and the air is warm and the rainstorms start to get more frequent. Ahh summer in South Florida. The real reason anyone stays in town during the high tempuratures and heavy mosquito population season is for the FRUIT!! Lychee, mango, pineapple, and red dragonfruit are just around the corner. Our mouths are already watering as we try a couple early varieties here and there.
Mauritius lychees have the longest season of all the varieties. They also are usually the first to fruit! This variety has a nice flavor and usually a larger seed. It isn't the most beautiful variety, but it definitely satisfies that lychee craving. We expect to be harvesting this variety in abundance in a week or two. 
We are accepting pre-orders for the Mauritius Lychee box now.

The next variety that will be ready is the Sweetheart 'hak ip' some people say they are two different varieties, we are not completely sure. All we know is that this variety usually is bright red and has a small "chicken tongue" seed inside. It is many people's favorites lychee variety. We will be harvesting some in a few weeks but we cannot guarantee this will be in anyone's box if they order a lychee box.

If you find a super vibrant dark pink lychee in your box, it is most likely a Brewster lychee. They typically make the best instagram photos, but aren't our favorite flavor-wise.

Last but certainly the best is the Emperor lychee. This variety is usually ready to harvest in early-mid June. It is commonly the size of a golf ball. We are very lucky to have a taste of this amazing fruit and definitely cannot guarantee it will be in any lychee boxes this year, but we will keep you updated if that changes.
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