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Lychee season is short, but oh so sweet. Pre-Order now for a chance to taste this delectable fruit this season! 
We fulfill all orders in the sequence they are received. Snag your spot in line now, and you might just have a mouthful of Lychees before you know it!

Lychee season is very short and typically lasts for 1 month.


Lychees are ready to eat as soon as they are picked. The flavor is sweet, tangy, and floral. It is similar to rambutan and longan but it’s more juicy and tart.

 It is highly recommended that they are eaten or refrigerated as soon as you get them. 

Mauritius lychees are the most common lychee variety growing in South Florida. They typically are harvested before turning completely red. Once they turn completely red, they start to lose flavor. The flavor is sweet and tart and the seed to flesh ratio is average.

Sweetheart lychees are most people's favorite. They are well known for being super juicy and sweet. They also typically have a small seed.

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