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Happy FRUITsgiving from Miami Fruit ūüćĆ + SALE!!

Happy Thanksgiving from Miami Fruit!

We met up with two lovely ladies, (Lunita and Bianca) at the park to enjoy some amazing fruit and talk about life.

When was the last time you went to the park to have a picnic? Sharing fruit outside with someone I love is one of my favorite experiences.
We take climbing trees for granted because we do it every week, but nothing makes us feel more like a kid again than this. Bianca is a professional because her parents are from the Caribbean and grow many fruit trees in their backyard.

Lunita is a vegan and totally obsessed with fruit like us. We instantly bonded over our passion for fruit and other heartbreaking similarities in life. Both of Lunita's parents are deceased but she still managed to find the positives in life. She told us she gets to enjoy her thanksgiving with her girlfriend's family. 

No matter what you're going through, it helps to connect with likeminded people. Interaction and communication helps us put our own lives into perspective. We know the holidays can be rough for some people, which is why we hope that this inspires you to remember to make life fun.

Let's always be thankful for friends and loved ones close to us, and let's always be thankful for the fruits in our lives.

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