| Edelle Schlegel

Did you recently order a gift for someone? ūüéĀ

To those of you who have been buying our fresh fruit boxes as gifts to your loved ones, thank you so much!

We greatly appreciate you choosing to support our small business this Holiday Season.

Here's a few helpful tips to make sure your gifts are received well and enjoyed as much as possible!

As always, you'll receive an email with tracking information as soon as a shipping label is printed in preparation for your order, and see movement on that tracking information as soon as your order is in transit!

If the recipients of your gifts do not receive fruit from us regularly, once you can see they have received it via the tracking, it may be helpful to let them know to bring their box inside as soon as possible upon delivery! This will make sure their fruit does not freeze outside in the cold.

We also always suggest taking all of the fruit out of the box as soon as possible upon delivery. If the fruit is left inside the box it will not breathe and may go bad!

Our ripening guide may be a helpful reference for them to make sure everything is enjoyed in its best condition.


If you have gifted them a Holiday Box or a Variety Box, you can also refer them to last week's harvest update newsletter to help them identify what they've received.


We will be creating a new harvest update with this week's variety boxes later this week.

If you or your gift recipient need to contact us about your order, please do so as soon as possible via email:


Fresh fruit orders placed after Saturday 12/19 are not ensured to be shipped before Christmas. If you placed an order between 12/20-12/22, we will do our best to fulfill it if we have the time and fruit available.


We highly recommend our digital gift card! 
What's in Season
Cherimoya LIMITED
Sugar apple LIMITED
Pink Guava LIMITED