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Baby Green Mangoes are Back! ūü•≠

Baby Green Mango season is here!

The season never lasts long, so hurry before they're gone!

Green unripe mangoes (also known as raw mangoes) are picked underdeveloped before the fruit begins to develop more sugars.

This fruit is similar to a vegetable in texture, taste, and nutrition. It is high in vitamin C and low in sugar. Green mangoes are often eaten pickled and/or with salt.

According to recent research, green (unripe) mango of Langra variety, weighing 300 gms (approx), yields as much vitamin C as 35 apples or 18 bananas or nine lemons or three oranges or a pineapple weighing one kg.

In India, green mango is used as a medicine for various gastro-intestinal, bilious and blood disorders.

Our baby green mangoes are grown in South Florida. Because trees flower at different times, it is almost impossible to know exactly which mangoes we have available, but you know they will be delicious.

If we have multiple varieties, we will send you a mixed box. If we only have one variety available, you may get a box of the same variety.

Variety Box

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