Seeded Banana

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Seeded banana aka wild banana (Musa balbisiana) is a wild banana species that is one of the ancestors to the common species cultivated today.

This fruit contains viable seeds. Plant them and grow your own seeded banana plants. The pulp and seeds are edible, but the seeds do not taste very pleasant in our opinion.

Seeded bananas are important for cultivating genetic variations of bananas that can evolve to withstand disease. Most popular seedless banana varieties are grown by cuttings or tissue culture.

Bananas have underground rhizomes called “mothers” that produce new plants called “daughters”.

All commercially grown monoculture bananas like the ones found in stores reproduce asexually and are genetically identical- meaning they are all equally as sensitive to diseases and pests.

As with any fruit grown from seed, when you plant a banana from seed, as soon as the flower is pollinated, a brand new variety is created through sexual reproduction. Similar to a mammal offspring being genetically similar to its parents but not an exact clone of one of them. This method of reproduction creates more long-term genetic diversity for the world’s banana population.

Bananas grow year round but we only grow small amounts so when you pre order you will most likely have to wait a few months for your fruit to be ready to harvest.

- One Fruit contains 1 piece of fruit (sizing varies)
-  One Pound contains 1 pound of fruit
- Three Pounds contains 3 pounds of fruit