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Please be aware that if you live in a cold climate, we will not ship your plant until the Spring, when the temperature has warmed. We aim to ensure your plant reaches you in the best condition possible. If you live in a warm climate that does not freeze, your plant may ship sooner than the Spring.

Monstera Plants are 16”-20” inches tall. 

These plants will come in a pot that is 5 inches across, and 4 inches wide.

Monstera Deliciosa is a beautiful plant and is often grown as an ornamental, indoors and outdoors. One plant can be grown and propagated countless times. The plant also bears and amazing fruit! This delicious fruit ripens at the end first and slowly ripens all the way to the tip of the fruit in segments.

It has a delicious pineapple flavor similar to candy. It's nice and juicy with a mango/pineapple-like texture.

MAKE SURE TO EAT WHEN RIPE. The scales will begin to loosen, and the fruit will be soft.

Monstera plants prefer a warm, humid environment and gentle sunlight. Plant your Monstera where it can receive a medium to bright indirect light.

We’re very excited to ship plants and trees across the Country. At this time we only know how to care for these plants within the conditions of our small farm here in South Florida. We are not able to provide instructions for care on your plant/ tree in your specific climate. We recommend utilizing Google or your local resources to best determine this information for your area. We wish you a green thumb!