Jaboticaba Jelly

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MiamiFruit's Jaboticaba Jam is handmade in small batches from the sweet inner juice of the Jaboticaba fruit. Our Jaboticaba is 100% locally grown, right here in sunny South Florida!

Because our jaboticaba trees have such a short season, Jaboticaba Jelly is a great way to take this super FRUIT with you anywhere and makes a wonderful gift for any day of the year!

Jaboticaba, also known as Brazilian Tree Grape,  is native to southeastern Brazil but it grows very well here in South Florida.

Jaboticaba is very popular for its powerful antioxidant effects due to the presence of phenolic compounds like anthocyanins and many others. Anthocyanins, which act as potent antioxidants also possess anti-inflammatory, with anti-cancer properties.

MiamiFruit's Jaboticaba fruit spread is the perfect gift for any jaboticaba lover!

1 jar - 10 oz