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 ***Haden Mango is currently available for Pre-Order. When placing a Pre-Order, this means the fruit you have ordered is not currently in season, or is extremely limited in season. Your pre-order holds your place in line on our waitlist. When Haden Mango comes into season and is ready to harvest from the trees, you will receive your order as soon as possible.***

Origin: The Haden (Hayden) mango variety originated in Miami, Florida (it's a seedling of the Mulgoba mango) and is a parent to many mango varieties later developed in Florida. 

Flavor Profile: The Haden Mango is very sweet, with a custardy texture and very little of the bitter or sharp green flavors of an underripe or variety that is less sweet. It was selected out of four dozen Mulgoba seedlings for its gorgeous color and delicious flavor and is still a very popular variety among mango lovers to this day.

How To Eat: Haden Mangos will likely need some time to ripen after delivery. Ripen at room temperature of 70 degrees or above for optimal consumption. The Haden Mango is ripe when it is very soft all over. Mangos are best eaten by themselves outside or over the kitchen sink, but they also taste great blended in smoothies or into salad dressings.

First-come, first-served, any orders that can't be shipped this season will be reserved for next season.

The total weight of each box varies depending on the size, shape, and mass of the fruit: 

  • Small Box contains up to 3-5 pounds
  • Large Box contains up to 8-10 pounds

We ALWAYS recommend ordering a LARGE BOX for the best value, when compared to a Small Box. Because shipping, handling, and delivery are so expensive per package, the Large Box will contain more fruit and ultimately a better value.