Fresh Roselle (Hibiscus/Sorrel) Calyx *Pre-Order*

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***Fresh Roselle is currently available for Pre-Order. When placing a Pre-Order, this means the fruit you have ordered is not currently in season, or is extremely limited in season. Your pre-order holds your place in line on our wait list. When Fresh Roselle comes into season and is ready to harvest from the trees, you will receive your order as soon as possible.***

Origin: Roselle is a species of Hibiscus native to Africa, most likely West Africa. It was in the 16th and early 17th century that it spread to the West Indies and Asia, respectively. Our roselle is grown and harvested fresh in South Florida.

Flavor Profile: The flower matures into a bright red cup-like structure contains called a calyx. The color and tart taste of the calyces makes them a good replacement for cranberries.

How To Eat: They are ready to eat as soon as you receive them! Use or preserve them right away. Use it in smoothies, teas and jams. Remove calyces from seed pod, and use fresh or frozen in smoothies. You can dry them and use them as tea by removing the seed pod in the middle and laying the rest of the calyx in a flat dry place or dehydrator 

Fun Fact: Roselle is high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties which makes it useful for:

  • Menstrual Pain Relief
  • Aids Digestion
  • Weight Loss
  • Blood Pressure Management.
  • and more!

First come first serve, any orders that can't be shipped this season will be reserved for next season. 

Each Roselle Box is shipped by weight in Grams: 

  • Tester Box contains 250-500 grams 
  • Small Box contains 750-1000 grams