Freeze Dried Cacao

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Origin: Cacao is believed to have evolved in the Upper Amazon region in an area that now includes some of Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. From there it spread Northward. Our Cacao is grown sustainably in Ecuador.

Flavor Profile: We freeze dry the Cacao beans with the outer sweet fruit. When you eat freeze dried cacao, you will first taste the sweet outside of the fruit and then when you bite into it, you can taste the bitter chocolate seed.

How To Eat: Add them to smoothies or top your favorite smoothie bowl. Eat them as a morning snack to give you an energy boost for the rest of your day. A huge benefit to having freeze dried fruit is not only the amazing crunchy light texture, but also the fact that it will last for many years which means you can enjoy your favorite Miami Fruits year round!

Each Packet Contains: Approximately 45 Grams of Freeze Dried Cacao