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There is a possibility we will be purchasing land soon which means we will definitely need some help farming. This would include hard labor such as cutting trees, moving heavy branches, pulling weeds, digging holes, planting trees, mulching, transplanting sprouts, planting seeds, and building compost piles in the Miami heat. We also have other work exchange jobs not related to farming such as freezing fruits, freeze drying fruits, packaging freeze dried fruits, selling fruit at local markets, picking fruits, packing fruits in boxes, and creating high quality marketing content such as pictures, videos, blog posts, recipes, etc. We are looking for hard-workers that are down to get their hands dirty and also have innovative ideas. If you are interested, please fill out this form.

It may take a few months until we are ready for you, but if we get your information now, you will have a better chance at being chosen for help in the future.