Red Pineapple Plant *Pre-Order*

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Please be aware that if you live in a cold climate, we will not ship your plant until the Spring, when the temperature has warmed. We aim to ensure your plant reaches you in the best condition possible. If you live in a warm climate that does not freeze, your plant may ship sooner than the Spring.

 This product is for one red pineapple plant (also known as a pup, slip, or sucker). The plant does not have soil or a pot. Make sure to open the box as soon as you receive it and plant it right away. This is what you will receive:

This rare pineapple variety originates from South America (Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay), but your red pineapple plant will be coming directly from our farm in South Florida. Like all of the fruits and plants we sell on our site, this variety is NON-GMO.   

It's often grown as an ornamental plant because the fruit is a gorgeous pink while developing but the fruit is also edible when ripe. The fruit tastes like a mixture between a typical pineapple flavor and a sweet green apple.

When the fruit is ripe, it will turn completely white and smell good.

We’re very excited to ship plants and trees across the Country. At this time we only know how to care for these plants within the conditions of our small farm here in South Florida. We are not able to provide instructions for care on your plant/ tree in your specific climate. We recommend utilizing Google or your local resources to best determine this information for your area. We wish you a green thumb!