Frozen Langsat - Lanzones (Longkong)

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Langsat is also known as Lanzones, Bonbon and Longkong. This super rare fruit is hardly ever seen in the United States. We ship these fruits straight to your door!

The flavor profile reminds us of lychee and pomelo. It’s sweet with citrus undertones.

The texture is juicy and slightly creamy. Langsat fruit separates easily in sections like a mandarin. All of the inside is edible, but each fruit contains a few seeds.

Some of the larger fruits have one or two fully developed seeds. Other langsats may have no seeds or a few underdeveloped seeds.

The outer appearance and feel of the fruit is similar to a fig/longan. Inside the fruit may have some small discolorations, but this is completely natural and safe to eat. 

To eat, pour langsat into a bowl of water and let thaw for 20-30 minutes. Frozen Langsat will oxidize and turn brown if thawed without using this “bowl of water” method. We like the taste best when fully thawed, whereas durian we feel tastes best still slightly frozen. 

Frozen products must be stored in the freezer, not the fridge.


300g per packet. This Langsat is frozen and shipped to you in packets inside a biodegradable cooler with cold reusable cold packs or dry ice.

Due to the pandemic there are limited supplies available to us. Because of this, this, the larger product sizes may or may not be shipped with a biodegradable or recyclable cooler. All of our other products are made with 100% eco friendly packaging, and we hope that soon we will be able to offer this product in our eco friendly packaging.