| Edelle Schlegel

What's in this week's variety boxesūüĆą

Welcome to our weekly find out what's in the variety box + harvest update email! The gorgeous photo above is from our friend @livepurejenna.

Each box we pack is slightly different due to the size, shape, weight, and availability of each fruit.

Our small boxes are one layer of fruit and our large boxes are two layers separated by a compostable "pillow".

Small Overnight Variety Large Overnight Variety - Bottom Large Overnight Variety - Top
Small Variety Box Large Variety Box - Bottom Large Variety Box - Top



Hidden Rose Apples are going out of season soon.

Black sapote season is peaking! Don't miss out.

Next week will be the LAST week we ship red dragonfruit until late spring! We will only have 30 small boxes available.


Here's a recent review with gorgeous photos from our customer Elizabeth:

"I bought boxes for my parents and uncle for the holidays, and they've been sending me daily updates on their fruit adventures. My uncle called it "definitely the gift of the season." I ended up buying myself a box, too, and it has been fun tasting the fruits and trying recipes (definitely pay close attention to the ripening guide). I recommend making a small batch of tamarillo hot sauce if you get one. It's a tangy tropical delight that pairs well with hot chilis."