| Edelle Schlegel

đź‘‘The KING AND QUEEN of fruits đź’ś + more!

Mangosteen shipping this week!

According to traditional Chinese medicine, mangosteen is said to have the most cooling properties of any plant. This means it is good to consume when you are hot and trying to cool down. A lot of people eat this fruit after eating durian, to balance the energy. Mangosteen has a strong yin energy which relates to female energy, thus giving the name the “queen of fruits”.

It is high in antioxidants known as xanthones which help the body resist stress and rich in tannins which promote intestinal health.

Along with being high in nutrients, our mangosteen is fresh, never frozen, and NEVER irradiated which is hard to find in the US. We commit to quality which means we don’t sell irradiated fruit. In order to make it arrive safely, we ship mangosteen boxes overnight.

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You might want some yang to go with your yin which is perfect because fresh Monthong durian is back! Durian, aka the King of fruit, is a popular fruit among rare fruit lovers for its pungent smell and wide range of flavors. The season is in full swing now (June-July) which means the quality is on point!

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While we are on the topic of rare fruits, don't miss out on our granadilla! This fruit is extremely rare in the US right now. 

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