| Edelle Schlegel

Our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide ūüéĀ

Welcome to our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide featuring products from the Holiday Collection! Check out our recommendations below:
The chocolate lover in your life NEEDS to try black sapote aka chocolate pudding fruit, and cacao! Wanna get them both AND a freeze dried cacao pack? Get the Chocolate Lover Box for a sweet combo of all three!
Wanna treat someone you love with the ultimate alkaline gift? Get them the Alkaline Dream Box which contains soursop, key limes, seamoss, and soursop leaf tea!
Speaking of seamoss, we have a seamoss variety pack available! This variety pack contains 3 different varieties of seamoss, which is perfect for any seamoss enthusiast!
Our two most popular holiday boxes are back! You can not go wrong with the Holiday Box and Stocking Stuffer Box featuring our super fabulous freeze dried variety packs!
E-gift cards are available!
What's in Season
Sugar apple LIMITED
Pink Guava LIMITED