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Stay warm this Winter with Soursop Tea ūüĆ°ÔłŹ ‚ĚĄÔłŹūüćÉ

Experience the delightful flavors and benefits of our premium quality Soursop teas and leaves this winter.

 Our selection offers a range of options to choose from, whole Dried Soursop Leaves, Dried Mountain Soursop Leaves, and Soursop Leaf Tea.

 Soursop tea is not only delicious but also known for its numerous health benefits, such as boosting immunity, aiding digestion, and improving sleep.

Indulge in a warm cup of Soursop tea this winter and enjoy its soothing and refreshing properties.

Our Soursop Leaves are carefully handpicked on small, sustainable farms located in South Florida!

Check out what customers are saying about Dried Soursop Leaves and Soursop Leaf Tea: 


What’s in Season: 

 Banana Variety Box

Black Sapote


Chanee Durian  

D24 Durian

D24 Durian Trays

Durian Variety Pack

Fresh Turmeric

Golden Passionfruit

Hulu Durian Trays

Ice Apple (frozen)

Jackfruit Box

Juicing Soursop

June Plum

Kampong Durian Trays

Key Lime

Langsat (Frozen)

Leftovers Box

Marang (frozen)

Musang King Trays

Nam Wah Bananas

Orinoco Bananas



Pink Lemon

Pink Seeded Bananas

Pisang Raja Bananas 


Premium Soursop

Premium Variety

Purple Passionfruit

Puyat Durian

Red Prawn Durian

Red Prawn Durian Trays



Snake Fruit (Frozen)

Star Apple


Tamarillo (tree tomato) 

Variety Box

Watermelon Guava

 White Dragonfruit  

White Guava 

Yellow Dragonfruit


Annona Variety Box

Black Thorn Durian

Durian Party Box 

Custard Apple


Frozen Fruit Variety Box



Pink Guava

Red Caviar Lime

Seeded Banana

Sprouted Coconut

Strawberry Tree Berry (frozen)

On the Horizon:

Blood Orange


Mamey Sapote