| IsaBella Frocione

NEW! Freeze Dried Abiu ūüĆľ

Looking for a travel snack that won't weigh you down?

Our brand new Freeze Dried Abiu fits the bill perfectly.

It's lightweight, yet still delivers a satisfying crunch and fluffy melt-in-your-mouth texture, reminiscent of roasted marshmallows mixed with caramel cream. 

Not only can it stand alone as a tasty treat, but it can also add a burst of flavor and texture to your favorite smoothie recipe.

Give it a try and indulge in the simple pleasures of delicious, healthy snacking.

As you explore our offerings, allow yourself to be swept away by the array of exquisitely packaged goods and freeze-dried fruits at your fingertips.

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What’s in Season: 

Annona Variety Box

Avocado Box

Banana Variety Box


Chanee Durian  

Dragonfruit Mix Box

D24 Durian

D24 Durian Trays

Durian Party Box

Durian Variety Pack

Frozen Fruit Variety Box

Hulu Durian Whole

Hulu Trays

Ice Apple (frozen)

Jackfruit Box


Juicing Soursop

June Plum

Kampong Durian Trays

Key Lime

Langsat (Frozen)

Leftovers Box


Long Neck Avocado Box

Mamey Sapote


Marang (frozen)

Musang King Trays

Nam Wah Bananas

Orinoco Bananas


Pisang Raja Bananas

Premium Soursop

Premium Variety

Purple Passionfruit

Puyat Durian

Red Dragonfruit

Red Prawn Durian

Red Prawn Trays


Snake Fruit (Frozen)

Sprouted Coconut

Strawberry Tree Berry (frozen)

Sugar Apple

Tamarillo (tree tomato) 

Variety Box

Watermelon Guava

White Dragonfruit  

White Guava 


Black Thorn Durian

Brogden Avocado


Golden Passionfruit 

Lisa Atemoya


Pink Seeded Bananas


Yellow Dragonfruit

On the Horizon:


Red Avocado