| Edelle Schlegel

Miami Fruit Harvest of the Week

Harvest Day 07/04/2016
rane harvesting bananas miami fruit
This week we harvested nam wah, fiah 3640 (jc's banana), orinoco and saba bananas! Brewster and emperor lychees are in full season this week, but not for long. 

emperor lychee miami fruit

rane harvesting lychees off the tree miami fruit

We also harvested a very fragrant pineapple, jackfruit, dragonfruit, canistel, mountain soursop, avocado, passionfruit, wax jambu, and mangos!

mountain soursop anti cancer on the tree

avocado in the air miami fruit

wax jambu rose apple miami fruit

Mangos are one of Rane and Edelle's favorite fruits, unfortunately they are both extremely allergic to the sap! If either of us touch the skin, we break out in an itchy rash on our mouths called mango mouth, it can even spread to other parts of our bodies.

colorful florida mangos for sale online

Luckily we have John to help us pick mangos, he's been helping us harvest, sell fruit, and driving us around since we have been having car problems, Miami Fruit is very thankful to have him.

john harvesting mangos with a mango picker

We were surprised to find a few trees had some ripe mamey, the pace variety to be specific, and even some sapodilla! We sent a few mamey and sapodilla out in this week's variety boxes, but we most likely won't have any more to ship next week.

sapodilla harvested fresh miami fruit

We harvest every Monday and ship the following morning! Bookmark our blog to keep up with our latest harvest and find out when your favorite fruit is back in stock!