| Edelle Schlegel

Miami Fruit Harvest of the Week

Harvest Day 06/20/2016

This week we harvested mysore, veinte cohol, sweetheart, praying hands, cavendish, goldfinger, and variegated bananas! Lychees are in full season this week, but not for long. We also harvested jackfruit, jaboticaba, turmeric, and passionfruit. This was our last week of harvesting the sapodilla and mamey, until the key west mamey sapote variety ripens in July.

mysore rack harvested in south floridabanana harvestlychees on the tree up closerane harvesting lycheesbig jackfruit growing on the tree in south floridajaboticaba harvest in south floridaturmeric plants growing in miamipassionfruit harvest

We harvest every Monday and ship the following morning! Bookmark our blog to keep up with our latest harvest and find out when your favorite fruit is back in stock!