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Mangosteen orders shipping this week! ūüíü

Mangosteen orders are shipping this week!

According to traditional Chinese medicine, mangosteen is said to have the most cooling properties of any plant.

Many people eat mangosteen after eating durian to balance their energy. Mangosteen has a strong yin energy that relates to female energy, thus its name, “queen of fruits. "

It is rich in xanthones, which are powerful antioxidants that help the body resist stress. Additionally, it is high in tannins that promote intestinal health.

Our mangosteen is always fresh, never frozen, and never irradiated, making it a rare find in the US. 

We are shipping all mangosteen pre-orders this week, thank you for your patience! This is a rare seasonal treat for us, and is not usually available for very long.

You might want some yang to go with your yin which is perfect because we have plenty of yang! Durian, aka the King of fruit, is a popular fruit among rare fruit lovers for its pungent smell and wide range of flavors.

The photo above was taken when we were at a durian farm in Malaysia. The locals urged us to eat some mangosteen because they were concerned about how much durian we ate.

See our full durian collection HERE.

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