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Maga√Īa Mamey Sapote is in Season! ūüß°

Mamey Sapote is back in season!

We're currently harvesting a delightful variety called Maga√Īa, which is known for its thick, cake-like texture. The flavor reminds us of a mix between pumpkin & sweet potato pie.

Make sure to wait until it is wrinkly and soft all over before opening.

Mamey is native to the West Indies and northern South America.

Our mamey sapote is grown in South Florida. Before picking, each fruit is lightly scratched to ensure the inside is orange/red. This guarantees that the fruit is ready to pick and will ripen properly for you.

A few notes for the¬†Maga√Īa variety:

1) It's naturally a large variety, this may mean you receive less fruits in total but the weight you receive will still match the approximations in the product description.

2) This variety in particular needs to be very soft and wrinkly before eating.

Check out our Ripening Guide here:

Fruit lovers simply can't get enough delectable Mamey Sapote:

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