| IsaBella Frocione

*LIMITED EDITION* Fruit Candy Box Available Now ūü樂ú®

Satisfy your sweet tooth with our Limited Edition Fruit Candy Box!
This mouth-watering selection includes:
- 1 Freeze Dried Variety Pack
-1 Freeze Dried Cacao Pack
-1 Freeze Dried Banana Pack
-1 Freeze Dried Yellow Dragonfruit Pack
-1 Freeze Dried Miracle Berry Cube Pack
-1 Jar of Jaboticaba Jelly
Don't hesitate to place your order now to ensure you get your hands on one of our limited edition bundles. These delicious packages are only available in a limited quantity, so act fast before they sell out!

It may surprise you to learn that freeze-dried fruit has an impressive shelf life of over 25 years when stored in a sealed package. This means that you can enjoy the delicious taste and nutritional benefits of your favorite fruits for an extended period without worrying about spoilage or loss of quality.

What’s in Season:

Banana Variety Box


Chanee Durian 

Dragonfruit Mix Box

D24 Durian

D24 Durian Trays

Durian Party Box

Durian Variety Pack

Frozen Fruit Variety Box

Golden Passionfruit

Hulu Durian Whole

Hulu Trays

Ice Apple (frozen)

Jackfruit Box


Juicing Soursop

Kampong Durian Trays

Key Lime

Langsat (Frozen)

Leftovers Box

Mamey Sapote  

Mango Mix Box 

Marang (frozen)

Musang King Durian

Musang King Trays

Nam Wah Bananas

Orinoco Bananas


Pisang Raja Bananas

Premium Soursop

Premium Variety

Purple Passionfruit

Puyat Durian

Red Dragonfruit

Red Prawn Durian

Red Prawn Trays

Snake Fruit (Frozen)

Sprouted Coconut

Strawberry Tree Berry (frozen)

Tamarillo (tree tomato) 

Variety Box

Watermelon Guava

White Dragonfruit  

White Guava 

Yellow Dragonfruit


Annona Variety Box


Black Thorn Durian




Green Star Apple

June Plum


Pink Lychee Passionfruit

Pink Seeded Bananas



Star Apple


On the Horizon:

Avocado Box


Sugar Apple