| Edelle Schlegel

Hidden rose apple and sapodilla available ✨

Does this make you hungry? Lucky for you (and us) these fruits are all in season and available right now! 

Just a little reminder in case you haven't seen our last few emails, due to all shipping carriers being closed for thanksgiving, we won't be shipping on Wednesday and Thursday this week which means many of our orders may be shipped next week starting 11/30.

We do have some exciting news, for those of you hungry for some high quality fruit. We will have hidden rose apple and sapodilla available and ready to ship next week!

Sapodilla also known as brown sugar fruit, is extremely sweet! Just make sure to wait until it is fully ripe before enjoying. When ready, it should be soft enough for you to open easily with one hand!

The hidden rose apple has a gorgeous pinkish-red inside and a sweet, slightly tart flavor with a crunchy yet juicy texture! They're ready to eat as soon as you receive them, so if you want to make them last longer, put them in the fridge. We have a limited amount of this fruit available! First come first serve.

We caught up on black sapote orders placed before this Monday! Any black sapote orders placed yesterday (Monday) or later will be shipped next week. Monday 11/30. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

What's in Season
Sugar apple LIMITED
Pink Guava LIMITED