| Edelle Schlegel

Harvest Update for late October ūüćĀ

Just sending you some fruit love.

We added freeze dried watermelon guava and freeze dried red dragonfruit to our dried goods collection this week.

We are unexpectedly running low on sprouted coconuts thanks to many of you taking advantage of our buy one get one free sale which is now over. Coconut trees can produce a new rack every month, but mature coconuts must rest on the ground for 4-6 months before they sprout.

If you order a sweet treat box, you may receive a package of freeze dried sprouted coconut instead of a fresh one. In our opinion, this is a better deal for our customers since our freeze dried sprouted coconut tastes better than fresh sprouted coconut because the freeze drier brings out the flavor when it vacuums out the water and the package is way easier to open than the nut! ;)

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We love seeing pictures like these from our customers! If you are getting creative with your fruit, feel free to send us a pic or tag us @miamifruit on instagram so we can see!

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