| Edelle Schlegel

Fresh pineapples straight from our farm! ūüćć

Around this time last year, our team was working hard planting hundreds of pineapple pups at the farm and now the work is paying off! Pineapples can take up to 2 years to fruit when planted from tops, but the pups aka slips that sprout from the base of the plant typically only take about a year to produce fruit.

Now is a good time to order if you enjoy eating pineapples grown locally, harvested ripe, and shipped directly to your door the same day they're picked!

  • limited¬†availability from our 2.5 acre farm
  • we fulfill all orders in order in which they are placed, if we get a high volume of orders, please be prepared to wait a few weeks before receiving your box
  • picked ripe and not soaked in wax or¬†sprayed with preservatives so eat quickly¬†upon¬†receiving them
  • as with most of our fruits, if you don't eat when ripe right away, you should refrigerate or freeze to make it last longer.
  • the tops are viable, replant to grow your own non gmo pineapple plant!

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