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Known as the cheese fruit for its pungent smell and flavor. This fruit is consumed not for its flavor, but for its amazing medicinal properties. Noni is often used to relieve pain, lower cholesterol, prevent stroke, and treat bacterial infections. It can be eaten when fully ripe, should be soft and squishy, or made into a juice.

An easy way to make noni juice is placing a couple noni fruits in a jar, then place a paper towel on top and wrap with a rubber band. The fruit will juice itself. Take a shot of the juice once every other day for optimal health benefits.

The total weight of each box varies depending on the size, shape, and mass of the fruit: 
Small Box contains up to 2-5 pounds.
- Large Box contains up to 8-10 pounds.

We ALWAYS recommend ordering a LARGE BOX for the best value, when compared to a Small Box. Because shipping, handling, and delivery are so expensive per package, the Large Box will contain more fruit and ultimately a better value.