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This is a SEEDLING TREE, which we hand pollinated with Rollinia and Lisa Atemoya pollen. There is no knowing what the fruit characteristics will be like when mature, but we hope for the best and have hand pollinated with good parent pollen. 

Red Atemoya / Red Geffner / Israel Red / 47-18 / Red temoylata SEEDS ( pollinated with Rollinia and Lisa Atemoya pollen)

We are offering these trees to you because we have had many requests for them. The height of the trees may vary from 1 to 4 feet, as well as the size pot for most are 1 gal. This is not very important because the trunk of the Tree is very thick at about .25-.50 inch in diameter or sometimes more. They are mature and ready to take off when planted in the ground or large pot. 

To eat the fruit we recommend letting it get completely soft, much more so than a normal atemoya or cherimoya. The fruit will be sweetest when super soft like a Reticulata would be.